Friday, September 18, 2015

Make and store your own sauces and marinades for dinner

These sauce bottles are great! I often buy dry marinade mixes and feel like I'm wasting most of it after I make it because I end up throwing the unused portion away. This is a great way to make the marinade and pour the whole thing into a bottle. I can then use it at least twice before having to make more. You can most certainly keep reusing them as well which is what I plan to do for a about 3 that I am keeping. The rest can be used to make sauces for friends/family and then you can seal it properly. They come with an inner slow drip top that is removable. You could even use these bottles to make sand art if you wanted. All of my bottles came perfectly fine which I am happy about. Their shipping was spectacular. I'm quite satisfied with the bottles and can't wait to make home made sauces for everyone. #CBHotsauceBottles

  • COMPLETE SET OF 12 WOOZY HOT SAUCE BOTTLES-Features 12 complete bottles, includes bottle, cap, dripper insert, and shrink lid
  • WOOZY HOT SAUCE BOTTLES ARE VERY EASY TO FILL-A 5oz empty woozy hot sauce bottle is very easy to fill, yet still small enough to cap off with the included dripper cap
  • SET OF COMPLETE BOTTLES TO FINISH OFF EACH BATCH IN A SAFE AND PROFESSIONAL MANNER-Fill the bottle, top with the dripper, screw on cap, and then apply light heat from a heat gun or hair dryer to shrink it closed safely
  • GREAT FOR HOMEMADE SAUCE FOR HOME, SELLING, OR SHARING-Take your homemade sauces to the next level with these bottles, they look and perform like a bottle right off the grocery store shelf
  • HEAVY DUTY GLASS-Thick walled an designed to last, function, and give you value for your dollar

You can buy your own sauce bottles here on Amazon:

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