Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Moderna Artisan Series Double Wall 2 oz Beverage & Espresso Shot Glasses - Set of 4 Drinking Glasses Review

Woohoo, another wonderful product by Ozeri. These Moderna glasses are so beautiful. They are the cutest little glasses I have ever seen. They are heat and shatter resistant boro-silicate glasses. These glasses are perfect for entertaining. They are stronger than common glasses and I would know this because I went through a case of glasses I purchased at Walmart which didn't last much of 1 year. I think there were about 15 glasses to that set and I just have 1 out of all of them's crazy! 

These glasses come packed very well if you are worried about the shipping process. None of my glasses came chipped and I used them perfectly. I love the little dimples in them which makes them extra easy to hold.

I think these will be great to use for a fun Holiday concoction of sorts. Maybe some green ooze Halloween drinks? It's definitely enough space for a nice refreshing drink as I have used myself for a quickie. I think these are great for mini cocktails as well. I'm not a big drinker so these are the perfect sizes for drinky drinks. These glasses are also very easy to clean. I would love to actually use these for mini desserts at some point because the size of them are perfect for it. I love my durable mini glasses and can't wait to share them at family plus friend gatherings. #Ozeri #Shots #Glasses

You can buy your own four set of shot glasses here on Amazon:

Are you in Canada? You can buy the same glasses right here:

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