Wednesday, October 29, 2014

3D Fiber Lash Mascara Set by Mia Adora Review

I got to try out this 3D Fiber lash mascara set by Mia Adore. I have been seeing all the craze with these 3D fiber lashes on Instagram for a while now and was intrigued. They would show someone with their regular lashes and then a really dramatic lash look after they used their product. I honestly thought some of the after shots look rather ridiculous.

So here you have two mascara looking containers. One holds the magnifying gel and the other has the natural 3D fibers. All the directions are shown inside the case and it's pretty simple to do. You just have to put the magnifying gel on your lashes about 15-20 strokes. After that you put on the 3d fibers while the gel is still wet so it sticks on. You will need to use about 10-15 strokes on the fibers. You then wait 20 seconds for that to dry and then add more magnifying gel to set everything.

So basically here is my look before using the Mia Adore 3D Fiber Lash Mascara in the middle picture. Everything else next to it is after me applying just one little coat of the 3D fiber lashes. You can go back for a heavier look but I like how it came out with just the one coat. I'm not one for the big fancy heavy look. You have to make sure to do all the steps properly though and watch because some of the fibers may fall down. I would suggest doing foundation after this step and doing eyeliner before it.  I think this product worked really well to show off a more dramatic lash especially when you pair it with some dark black eye liner. By no means am I some makeup guru so anyone can do this look easily and it comes out super cute.

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