Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ozeri Ultra Wind 42" Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan with Smart LCD & Remote Control Review

I was very happy to get the chance to review this cool tower fan by Ozeri. I love all the products I have from them and this certainly is just as great! I pretty much sleep with a fan on every night because I need white noise to fall asleep comfortably. I would use a small desk fan which makes funny sounds sometimes so it's not the best but it worked for me.

Now, when your Ozeri fan comes you will have to put the bottom base part together to hold the fan up. It comes with instructions and a few screw pieces. It really is relatively simple to put together and takes about 5 minutes.

I found the base sturdy enough to hold the fan upright and even when it oscillated. It's very pleasing to the eye and I love the design of this fan way better than your typical standing fan with a round caged top. I tried to get my cat in the picture so you can see how big the fan is. I'm 5'3 and it goes a little above my waist. The fan is very lightweight and it has a little indent in the back to easily lift it from room to room when needed.

As you can see there is a very functional top to it. The control to the fan comes with batteries and also fits very nicely in the top compartment. The plastic cover is cool because it protects everything and it won't fall out while moving it to the room you need it to go.

You can see the beautiful LCD screen in the front with all the information on it. It will let you know the mode its on and the temperature in the room. The fan has three different speeds ..Low, Medium and High. The fan will also oscillate if you please. Everything is done really quietly and you can barely hear anything but the air its pushing out. I do wish the cord was just a little bit longer but its not that short. It also has a protective casing around the base part of the cord. I'm just all in all thoroughly impressed with this fan and all it can do.

The stylish design makes it easy to place in any room without looking tacky. You can't say that about your typical large blade fans. Ugh, I remember having one of those and it took up so much space. This tower fan will fit into most of any spaces perfectly. It's great just to stick it in a corner of a room. I totally recommend this fan for sure. Feel free to ask me any questions you have, thanks!

You can buy your own Ozeri Tower Fan here on Amazon:

You can check out the official descriptions below if you desire which I think is important besides my own personal opinions so you can get a better understanding of the product's background

The Ozeri Technology

Designed for 5 Star resorts, the new Ozeri Ultra 42" Wind Fan boasts a sophisticated and stylish ultra-slim tower design and one of the most impressive feature sets among tower fans. The Ozeri Ultra Wind’s stylish design complements and enhances room decor, and its precise engineering generates more air velocity than competing models while emitting less noise on a foot-per-minute to dB basis. Setting a new benchmark for noiseless airflow, the Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan operates at 3 whisper-quiet speed settings and oscillates 90 degrees for timely relief on a sweltering summer day or for refreshing circulation all year long. The Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan also includes 3 selectable airflow patterns designed to foster sleep, relaxation and comfort, and an intelligent LED screen with room temperature display.

All of the Tower Fan's features, including the room temperature display, are illuminated on the Fan's multi-colored bright LED screen, and can be activated via the included enhanced-range remote or via the built-in control panel. The new and improved LED screen now features a light-dimming night mode that dims the screen for light sensitive sleepers. The Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan also features a 12 hour timer that can be programmed in 1 hour increments with push-button ease, and ships included with a removable extension column that adjusts the Fan's height from 32" to 42"

How it works

The Ozeri Ultra 42" Wind Fan features top-side buttons that provide easy access to all of the fan’s features, such as setting the fan speed , activating any of the 3 preprogrammed airflow patterns, or programming the 12 hour timer. All of the fans features can also be controlled while relaxing via the included extended-range remote control device. The Ozeri Ultra 42" Wind Fan only requires hand assembly of the fan base and optional column using the included large nuts, with no special tools required. Once assembled, simply plug into a standard 120V AC outlet for plug and play enjoyment.

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