Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Go away ALLERGY FACE® nobody likes you! Makeup tips to combat it and #ZYRTEC® here to help save the day! #EnfrentaTusAlergias

I wrote this post as part of my participation in a blog tour for Latina Mom Bloggers on behalf of ZYRTEC® ALLERGY FACE® and received compensation to thank me for taking the time to participate. However, all opinions expressed are my own.
I can't express to you how much I enjoyed my summer this year getting to go to some place amazing like Atlantic city for a couple of days with my best friend ( my boyfriend). I knew though...I knew that the dreaded Allergy season was coming soon and I would be suffering greatly. Fast Forward... Hello late August early September FALL allergies! UGH! At first, I thought I was catching a cold but it was like the cold that had its beginning symptoms and never seemed to go away. My eyes were burning and extremely itchy every single day. I could not stop rubbing them which I know is bad but I couldn't help myself. My throat was so scratchy and itchy. I was so desperate for relief!! It felt like my whole face would get a hot wave of itchiness. I found myself running my hand down my whole face sometimes to rub it because I didn't want to scratch it. The sneezing and drippy nose is the worst!! I have been going through tissues like mad. I was ready to make a change with something my brother actually mentioned to me. 
In comes ZYRTEC® allergy pills. Can anything be more of a Godsend at such a treacherous time in my life? I think not! It starts to work within the first hour and after for almost 24 hours. You just can't beat it! The pills them self are really easy to swallow. I can finally sleep through the night. This is now my go-to allergy relief for life! There's also the option of  ZYRTEC® Dissolve Tabs that can be taken anytime or anywhere because they dissolve in your mouth without water and provide allergy relief for 24-hours. They’re perfect for someone who is on the go!
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The makers of ZYRTEC® know that allergies can affect not only the way you feel, but also how you look. To help you Face Your Allergies this fall, they're giving me and my readers 20 bonus ZYRTEC® Rewards points! All you have to do is sign in or register (https://www.zyrtec.com/rewards), then click on the Earn Points tab to enter the Secret Word ALLERGYFACE. You can get a free $2-off coupon for ZYRTEC®, just for signing up. Once you’ve earned 500 points, you have the option to redeem them for a Neutrogena® mascara to help disguise ALLERGY FACE® beauty challenges. How awesome is that?!

Points vary depending on count size and frequency of purchase as well as completion of non-purchase activities. See Terms and Conditions Restrictions apply.  Offer expires 10/18/14.

The makers of ZYRTEC® know that allergies can affect not only the way you feel, but also how you look. To help women look fresh-faced and flawless during the height of allergy season, ZYRTEC® has partnered with celebrity makeup artist Jackie Gomez to help women tackle ALLERGY FACE®, those beauty challenges associated with allergies like puffiness, a runny nose and watery eyes. Gomez has developed a variety of celebrity-inspired looks that will help all women face their allergies so they too can look like they’re ready for their close-up.
I just want to start out and say I am by no means a makeup beauty guru but I get by. You really should put on some makeup to help you out with those dreadful puffy red irritated eyes you can get from allergies. For me? It's all about covering up the darkened circles I get because of lack of sleep from a stuffed up nose. Yes, I am a Latina and I wish my skin color was a little more sun kissed to compliment that but nope I have not been so lucky to be blessed by that lol. When I get allergies...my allergy face comes full fledged. I get the redness around my nose and just above my top lip as well. I want to go outside and look like an exotic Latina beauty because I am proud of my culture. So I think the eye-mazing transformation will compliment that the most for me. The smoky eye look is the perfect, on-trend way to make your eyes look more defined and stunning. 

So here's my Before and After with trying out the eye-mazing transformation by Jackie Gomez. I think it came out pretty well considering I'm terrible at applying makeup lol. I didn't pile on the blush too much because it just makes my face look more flushed in my opinion. It might work better if I had a different color though.
Here's all the makeup I used for the look.  If you have any questions feel free to ask! 
Just in case  you were curious this is what I was wearing today. I love this dress so much!! It makes me feel very Latina princess like. 
Celebrity Makeup Artist Jackie Gomez shares her celebrity-inspired tricks to combat ALLERGY FACE® beauty challenges, like a red nose, puffy face and watery eyes. Visit https://www.facebook.com/ZYRTEC to get the six ALLERGY FACE® looks created by Gomez. Check out her video below. 
Do you have any tips to keeping your face beautiful and allergy face free? If so, share them here and/or via your social media channels and tag them #selfie #ALLERGYFACE #ENFRENTATUSALERGIAS.

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