Thursday, September 11, 2014

4ft x 6ft Folding Gymnastics Tumbling Mat for Excercises, martial arts and Yoga Review

I got the most awesome opportunity to review this Gymnastics Tumbling Mat from BryBelly. This brought memories to me from when I was in grade school and did gym class exercises. I don't remember the mats being this good quality though. They were just simple mats with cheap and thin foam innards. This tumbling mat comes in Blue, Pink and Rainbow colors to choose from. I took the blue one because I felt it was more universal and easier on the eyes if I decided to take it to the park with me.

The mat is very comfortable to lay on as it's made from 2-inch, high-density, eco-friendly foam. 
You can fold it up easily and just pick it up by the two straps it has on its ends. It's surprisingly lightweight.

Rusty seems to enjoy laying on it and I don't blame him since it's so comfortable. I pushed up the mat and found you can probably convert it into a small sitting area for children if you added some pillows to it. It's hard to see but my cat liked crawling through the little open space behind it . 

So you can gauge the size of the mat I laid down on it. I'm 5'3. This has been pretty much perfect to do my exercises on. I've always been so sore doing situps on the bare floor so this has been great to work out on. There is just enough firmness so you don't sink down into it too much but its soft enough to be comfy and not feel like a rock. It's strongly made and will hold up very well. I also like how the mat doesn't have some giant logo on it. 

If you're also looking to have a mat to learn some type of martial arts at home that deal with throws this would be perfect for that as well. The only thing I do wish is that it came in more colors like Black or Red. I feel like people who do martial arts especially men would be more interested in these colors. I also want to just add that this would be awesome to do Yoga type exercises on. I always look at those thin mats and think how uncomfortable that must be. I would much rather have something like this to carry around. It's also a really good price...You can compare the prices yourself for what you are getting and this one beats the others out for sure. Just remember not all mats have carry handles and this one does which makes it awesome!! #BryBelly #mats #exercise #yoga #martialarts 

I totally recommend this and you can buy your own mat right on amazon here:

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