Wednesday, July 1, 2015

CLD Brands 12 Hole Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time review

How awesome is this 12 hole ocarina? It's modeled after the very same Ocarina Link uses in Ocarina of time. It's made of ceramic and painted in a deep dark blue color. The actual tri-force symbol can be seen at the bottom of it. This also comes with a necklace string for around your neck but I am choosing to display this piece so I didn't need it. The ocarina comes with a little booklet to help you learn some basic songs and where to place your fingers. It's a bit tough but eventually you can get used to it. I'll tell you that I did look up some more complex songs from Legend of Zelda and they were kind of hard to play. You would need to practice the finger movements constantly to get accustomed to it. I have seen a few videos and even the pros mess up at times. So get your courage up and try it out! It's so much fun to try something new out plus it looks awesome just being displayed. #ocarinaoftime

You can buy your own ocarina here on Amazon

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  1. brings back memories just looking at it, nocturne of shadow and sarias song my favorites (though i like them all). I must have this. lol