Thursday, July 9, 2015

Snug Cat Litter Mat - 36" x 24" - Say Goodbye to litter tracking everywhere!

I have two cats and I actually use a pellet litter box system. I actually switched over from clay litter about 3 years ago. I love my pellet system but they do get out of the box from time to time onto my floor. I keep the litter box in the bathroom and stepping on one of those pellets can be half as bag as stepping on a toy. I decided to try out this litter mat underneath and around the box. When the pellets fall out they land on the mat but they don''t roll around everywhere which is awesome. It gives the flooring texture plus one of my cats digs to cover outside the box for some reason so she LOVES feeling this underneath her paws now. I think it looks great and my favorite one is the gray colored mat but the beige one seems to match better with my bathroom anyway. Let your cat get used to it and do not force them on or around it. My cat really did a number on my arm when I tried to lift him over to check out the new mat. They will either love it, hate it or just get around to getting used to it. I'm so glad to have this.  #amazonreview

You can buy your own Snug Cat Litter Mat here on Amazon:

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  1. another kitty litter trap lol where were all these when i had cats? these things save time and cleanup from having all that littler spread everywhere so yeah a must have for cat owners.