Monday, July 6, 2015

Greenco Wood Clothespins with Spring 200 Pack

I'm always washing clothes at home but I don't have a dryer so I use a clothes line. I use it quite often in all months except winter time. I originally used bamboo clips which are pretty good but they are super expensive so I didn't buy anymore. I was always trying to pinch clothes together as to not waste them. I am so glad to have this large pack of clips from Greenco now. I filled up my bag I use for my clips and still have a whole row of clips left that I couldn't fit into the bag. The clips are very nice and clip well. I clipped up about 2 small loads of laundry with only one of the clips breaking. They are strong and held up all the wet and heavy shirts fine. The amount of clips you get for the price is so good. I now have enough clips to give each clothing item their own two clips on the line. I'm very happy with them.  #clothpin200

You can buy your own set of 200 wood clothespins here on Amazon:

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  1. Another great post, i have used similar brands for hanging mats and what not, and these are what i would get next time for the price, i trust your post so i will buy these the next time i need them. cloths pins have a ton of other uses as well from holding a tablecloth to a picnic table to gluing a magnet to it and using them on the fridge as reminders etc, So many uses, good quality and better price..sounds like a deal to me.