Friday, July 17, 2015

Want to draw your own Manga comics? Buy this kind of paper from U.S. Art Supply

Sure, you can make your own Mangas with any type of paper but if you want to do it the correct way you need Marker paper. This is not a typical drawing pad. Like it states, it's especially made to handle all types of media (not paints or watercolors). The paper can be described as incredibly smooth compared to a regular sketch pad. If you tend to use markers then this will be the paper you want since it will glide over. You can still use pencil but I would advise to use a darker grade of pencil. I have used colored pens in here along with my pencils with no problems. I love the way the mediums just glide over. This is preferable paper to make your own Manga drawings or comics. An important thing to know is that the ink does not bleed over onto the other side. I've only done a few quick sketches so far while testing ink pens and marker but haven't tried color pencil so I'm not sure how that does. Like I said, get this to do your own anime drawings with markers but if you're looking to just mainly pencil sketch I would go with regular drawing paper. #usartsupply

You can buy your own Manga/Marker illustration paper here on Amazon:

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  1. i always wanted to try to learn how to properly draw, the way i do now i cant tell the difference between now and when i was in kindergarten...even my hand writing hasnt changed much lol