Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lanier Garden Tools Ratcheting Pruning Shears

These are the kind of pruning Shears I have been waiting for! They are perfect in every way possible. It's so easy to open and lock back up with the little locking mechanism. The blade comes nicely oiled and ready for work. The handle and grip makes these shears easy to hold and work with for a long time. I usually spend about 20-30 minutes all around the house cutting thick branches and my hand was not tired afterward. I have been through quite a few shears that have done the job with a bunch of effort but believe me when I say I took these shears to very thick little branches from trees growing around. They snipped right through that thick brand without me having to twist and turn at it. I'm more than impressed with them. They are very sturdy and now are my favorite shears to work with.

  • MULTIPLY YOUR POWER - The computer designed Ratcheting Cam multiplies your power. The same ratcheting power you use to lift a car allows you to cut through branches up to one inch thick. Instead of trying to make the cut with one large difficult cut our pruner cuts through with three smaller cuts which multiplies your strength. Even if you don't have limited hand mobility who doesn't want to make work easier?
  • ENJOY GARDENING AGAIN - As we grow older hand strength diminishes. Also conditions like arthritis and carpal tunnel make pruning painful. The ergonomic rubberized grips design gives you great control even with the lightest grip. Also the Bright Red color makes it easy to see if you lay them down in the grass.
  • CRAFTSMAN QUALITY - The drop forged aluminum handle is lightweight but strong. The coated hardened blade is made from High Carbon Steel so it stays sharper longer. The looped finger guard helps to give you great control while protecting your fingers. The design allows for comfortable use by either left or right handed people. The convenient locking mechanism keeps the blade closed when not in use. The built in oil sponge allows you to coat the blade which is great for storage.

Buy your own pair of Lanier shears right here on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00WAIGHBQ?redirect=true&ref_=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_0


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  1. Very good quality because it saves your hands from being fatigued, maybe help people with carpel tunnel and what not try gardening again. good buy