Thursday, July 2, 2015

House of Lashes Review + Giveaway

So I decided to try out these False lashes from House of Lashes. Right away the box just took my breath away. They really know how to make you feel like a special beauty queen. I carefully opened the cute pink tissue wrap to unveil all the lashes that were sent to me. I picked out a few of my favorite ones and was quite excited to see them in person. They look so fantastic!

Now, I honestly did not have much of any experience putting any falsies on. I think I tried it once a long time ago with a cosplay costume. Big Fail...I am terrible at doing this kind of stuff but I swore I would try again someday. Before I tell you about my experience let me show you all the lashes at a closer view for admiration. There were three of the regular ones which were Bohemian Princess, Dollface and Feline. The two premium lashes were Starlet and Noir Fairy.

I decided to try out Feline which are the first lashes up top. They are thick and cute. Like I said, I am quite the novice at trying out lashes. I'm going to be honest and say these were not fun to put on, lol. I got so frustrated I almost gave up. The bands on these lashes are stiff and thick. I've seen other videos of women putting on lashes and they kind of give them a good stretch out before applying them. You can't really stretch these out so there is no room for error. You have to be precise when applying. Also, make sure to measure your eye so that you can cut it to your eye shape. If you're new at this I would also recommend going with clear/white lash glue. It took me quite a few tries to get it on and I'm sure if I used the black glue it would have gotten really messy. The glue is strong and my only complaint is that it's tough to wipe off after. It does smell really good though. I don't think anyone is going to be smelling my eyeballs though.

The feel of them? I thought they felt alright on me. I have no complaints there. This is coming from a person who really does not wear these things often. I honestly could not really feel them on me which is a big positive. 

I think the lashes are very charming. Are lashes worth all the work I had to go through to put them on? Eh, I'm not sure lol. I think I will be saving these for special occasions. While they are absolutely stunning and beautiful it's hard work being cute. My boyfriend loved the looks on me and appreciated them. I was told they looked very natural on me which I think I like that comment. I don't want to look fabulously fierce. I want it to be subtle. I didn't curl or mascara these up so please be sure to follow with those steps if you want to enhance the look further.

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**One lucky winner will get a lash box of their choice. You can either have Bohemian Princess, Dollface or Noir Fairy **

House of Lashes Giveaway


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    1. Thank for entering , love and good luck :}

  2. They all look like FABULOUS lashes! Id love to try the Hollywood Glam set!!

  3. They're all pretty, but I think I'd try the Heartbreaker

  4. Can't even tell they're fake, i guess that's the point right? lol Always nice to see you smile and you seem to be enjoying them ;)

  5. I like the temptress lashes the most.

  6. My daughter would love these, she can actually apply them.

  7. Id love to try the Hollywood Glam set

  8. Id love to try the hollywood glam set as well!

  9. You look so beautiful with those lashes! I have to check them out ^_^