Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hori Hori Knife - Ideal Gardening Tool - Ezy Garden Digging Companion

This tool makes my life so much easier when out in the yard gardening. As opposed to a regular garden trowel this is thick solid steel blade that goes back into the handle for maximum power. It's not going to bend or get all wobbly but you have so much control over your digging. This goes into hard soil and just makes it all softer so that you can plant potted stuff into the dirt with ease. I also love it for digging down into the roots of the weeds. This thing will help me pull out even the most stubborn weeds that just have those thick roots. The serrated edged blade really comes in handy. What I also like is that it can measure depths of what you need to plant so you know how deep you have to dig for it. I also love the leather case for it which makes it safer to put away plus keeps it in better shape. I'm just thrilled with this gardening tool that does it all. I pretty much only need this handheld tool to do everything in my garden now which makes life easier! #EzyGardenKnife

You can buy your own Hori Hori knife on Amazon here:

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  1. Now that is a very interesting tool, i have been looking to get something similar, lol i would just use my knife, it even has a depth measuring tool which is nice since different seeds need different depths and get those nasty tough weeds out. all in all looks to be a great buy