Thursday, July 16, 2015

Golden Groundhog Pokemon Cards with Foils, Token Counters and Mew

Ah, Pokemon. This takes me back to my younger days with the original Pokemon games and shows. I honestly hate what they did with the game adding all this EX stuff. It totally ruined it. I have tried the online game and it was ridiculous how if you didn't have EX mew you just need to hang up your white towel lol. I did play some TCG with my boyfriend and we actually have a bunch of cards we purchased at our local Walmart. It CAN be fun if you play it normally without the fancier cards.

Anyway! I love surprises and wanted more Pokemon cards to add to my collection so I wanted to see what Golden Groundhog could offer. I actually got the cards from an Amazon store called Exxess Entertainment. They seem to offer many different types of cards with Pokemon cards probably being their more popular pick.

I got to try two of their packs. The first pack was a 30 Pokemon Card Pack lot - Mew, Foils, 1 Ultra. Mew was there and the ultra EX card I got was a Thundurus. In the TCG when you knock out an EX you get to pick up two prize cards instead of the usual one. I guess it makes sense since EX cards are so overpowered. Thundurus looks so awesome and he has two moves. He can do Headlock which does 30+ damage and he can also do Voltage Rush which hits for 150 but it also hits him back for 50 damage. It's a foil and it's beautiful.

Alright, so this set comes with poison, burned and 10+ dmg counters. Let me tell you all the other cards that came in this set. You won't get the same exact cards because they will always be different.

Here's a list of the Foils I got in this pack - Thundurus EX, Victreebel, Dragonite, Poliwrath, Carbink

Mew isn't a foil but it's a special rare pokemon to be cherished.

Here's a list of the regulars I got - Meowth (That's right!) , Slowpoke, Pidove, Cascoon, Abra, Voltorb, Horsea, Shuppet, Unown, Nuzleaf, Krokorok, Inkay, Dratini, Drilbur, Dark Kadabra, Aipom, Swablu, Dragonair, Sunkern, Swadloon, Drifblim, Rhyperior, Probopass, Swellow

You can buy this random assortment of cards here on Amazon:

Some I recognize and some I don't . Pokemon has evolved so much over the years. Alright, on to the next pack I got to check out. #GoldenGroundhogPokemonlotMew

The next set I got to try out was a 100 Pokemon Card Lot with 6 Bonus Foil Cards!  I was really excited to see what I got and hoping to recognize some originals.

I was actually really pleasantly surprised to find more than just 6 bonus foils in this pack. I found 17 foils in this one. You have your standard poison, 10+ damage and burned counter that comes in this one plus trainer cards. I'm going to tell you all the foils I got in here first.

Here's a list of all the foils I got in this amazing pack:  Pikachu, Swablu, Deoxys, Ponyta, Sandile, Dratini, Flabebe, Piplup, Caterpie, Pidove, Zekrom, Bagon, Unfezant, Tranquill, Salamence, Shelgon, Bagon

Here's a list of all the regular pokemon cards in here: Nincada, Binacle, Inkay, Voltorb, Fletchling, Natu, Exeggcute, Spritzee, Machoke, Poliwhirl, Charmander, Gible, Tepig, Swablu, Trubbish, Aron, Lairon, Mightyena, Baltoy, Trubbish (Different Art) , Phanpy, Meditite, Treecko, Joltik, Chansey, Seadra, Liepard, Bidoof, Bidoof (Different Art), Combusken, Eelektrik, Marshtomp, Corphish, Nuzleaf, Miltank, Swirlix, Spritzee, Togepi, Togetic, Espurr, Swablu (Different Art), Dusclops, Skrelp, Litleo, Nincada (Same Art), Dustox, Brock's Geodude, Arbok, Numel, Starly

All the rest were Trainer, item and energy cards. I did get two foil Winona cards. Pretty cute. #GoldenGroundhogPokemonLot100

You can buy this random assortment of cards here on Amazon:

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  1. haha man these cards have changed since my day, i still have some packed away. cool deal though