Thursday, July 16, 2015

Two Meows Cat Litter Mat (Grey) - Paw Shaped, The solution to messy litter boxes

Isn't this paw shaped mat just adorable? I absolutely love this cat litter mat. I use a breeze box which uses pellets but they can get everywhere and roll around. This mat provides a great traction texture so that when they fall out of the box they stay put. I just pick up the pellets easily and throw them back in the box. This makes life so much easier. Also, I have a cat who does her business and likes to paw on the floor outside of the box thinking she's covering her stuff. She has claws and does damage to the floor which I hate. This is the perfect solution to that problem because she now paws on the mat leaving my floors alone.

The mat comes in a few different colors like red, green, brown and blue. I really liked the grey one which is the one I have. My cats and I are very satisfied with this mat. It also stays put where you lay it thanks to the rubber bottom. #TwoMeows

You can buy your own Two Meows Cat Litter Mat here on Amazon:

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  1. when i had cats i used to step on those and they get stuck to your feet, so this is pretty cute and ingenious as well.