Monday, July 20, 2015

Chef Cristiane's Brazilian Gourmet Hot Sauce

I'm actually impressed by this recipe of hot sauce. My boyfriend said the taste kind of reminds him of Tobasco sauce with a nice peppery taste. I have used this in my bean sauce and on oven baked chicken breast. The food came out excellent. The way I used it in my chicken was as a marinade and then proceeded to bake it in the oven with all the sauce. I feel like this tastes better than other stuff I have tried with all honesty. It's a nice unique taste. The heat in here could be described as mild. I would say that the heat isn't strong but that pepper taste gets you. I just wanted to also state that my bottle came sealed but the cap underneath was cracked and unusable. I had to wrap the top with some aluminum foil and set it in the refrigerator. It's not a big deal but worth it plus I know it was sealed on the outside anyhow. Great stuff!

  • This is a unique homemade hot sauce made from an old family recipe. Each bottle is made from a small kitchen by Chef Cristiane Pereira of Taste of Brazil Cafe in Chicago.
  • Medium Hotness with a fresh tomato taste just like they serve in Brazil with a perfect balance of flavor and hotness. This is not extreme hotness, but rather a more mild or medium hotness that allows you to enjoy the delicious flavors of the peppers.
  • Made with Malagueta Peppers from Brazil. Tastes great on chips, Mexican Food, sandwiches, eggs, meat, potato, pasta, etc.
  • Made with all natural ingredients - no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives, and no artificial ingredients
  • Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, tomato paste, onions, water, extra virgin olive oil, carrots, malagueta peppers, cane sugar, salt, garlic, and spices.
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  1. will have to try some, i eat alot of spicy food, unless i get the random heartburn >< and slow down. i always try the different brands of hot sauce so ill have to try this one