Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Stainless Steel Espresso Spoon Set (8-Pack)

How cute are these little espresso spoons? These are great for mixing cream and sugar into your coffee. You can actually use it for making chocolate or strawberry milk as well. Anything you would need to stir you can basically use these for. They are so cute for entertaining as well. You could dip them in chocolate and cool them in the refrigerator. You can then present them with hot chocolate. These little steel spoons are durable and high quality. I love how you get a whole set of 8 which is more than enough for a family and guests. These spoons are also great to eat pudding or any little desserts with. I adore them! #CBEspressoSpoons8pk

  • ✓STAINLESS STEEL ESPRESSO SPOON SET-Perfect for stirring espresso or cupping coffee to distinguish unique flavor profiles
  • ✓ESPRESSO SPOON-Made of stainless steel and are built to last
  • ✓ ESPRESSO SPOON SET-8 Spoons complete our espresso spoon set, allowing for enough pieces to serve multiple guests
  • ✓STAINLESS STEEL SPOON-Made of the highest quality of stainless steel, polished to an incredible shine, molded to exact specs, the perfect espresso spoon

You can buy your own set of espresso spoons here on Amazon:

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