Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ohuhu® 24 Pockets Space Saving Over-the-Door Organizer Shoe Storage Bag

This shoe organizer is pretty amazing. Not only is it great for shoes but you can use it to organize many other things. I don't have a ton of shoes so I really just wanted this for my stock room closet. I can easily fit what I need in the pockets so when I open the door it's right there convenient to grab and go. I specifically placed toothbrushes, toothpaste boxes, shaving razors and small tissue packets in the pockets. The organizer is very durable and will be able to hold heavy things with ease. The steel hooks that go up top are also strong and hold up everything perfectly. How about that style as well? I just adore the pretty brown color on it as it lends a mature look to my closet. There's so many pockets to fit many different things. I think this would be awesome in a linen closet as well. Totally happy with it and glad to have it in my stock closet.  #ShoeStorageBag

  • Made of breathable fabric, washable - great for storing shoes, toys, and other accessories. Dark Brown - Will Not Show the Dirt.
  • Space saving over the door hanging shoe storage, optimum pocket size for shoes, slippers.
  • Stylish and classic appearance with 24 roomy pockets design, a perfect storage solution for the person who has too many shoes.
  • Easy to use, just simply hook on to door any you're done
  • 2 sets of hooks provided, hangs over the door or everywhere you need

You can buy your own Shoe organizer here on Amazon


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  1. these things are awesome for space saving, and have a ton of other uses, great buy!