Monday, August 3, 2015

Golden Groundhog 100 Magic the Gathering All Green Card Lot

 This is definitely a really good deal on the Green card lot especially if you're looking to build decks. I'll tell you there is nothing like opening a fresh set of cards out of the official wrappers but that's a different type of excitement on its own. Green is nature themed. For example, Elves, animals , elementals and forces of nature. There are large creatures that are heavy hitters. They usually have trample. Trample is when a creature blocks your creature and the damage from the attacking creature will go onto you after it goes on the toughness of the creature. For example, if you are attacking with a 6/6 with Trample and you are blocked by a 3/5 it does the 5 damage to that creature and kills it. The one remaining damage is subtracted by your opponents life total With all of that in mind let's take a look at the rares and mythic rares I got in my lot.

8 Rares as promised
-  Elder of Laurels
-  Spike Tiller
-  Forgotten Harvest
-  Thelon of Havenwood
-  Spectral Force
-  Planeswalker's Favor
-  Mitotic Slime
-  Molder Slug

2 Mythic Rares
-  Essence of the Wild
-  Soul of Zendikar

I'm very happy with the whole set and the Elf token card is really cool looking. Keep in mind you might not get any of the same cards I got. Everyone's lot will be different.

You can buy your own 100 lot of Green cards here on Amazon:

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  1. having themed packs is nice, good deals going now i guess lol