Thursday, August 20, 2015

Long Handle Bistro Style Stainless Steel Ice Cream and Milkshake Spoon (8 Pack)

These long bistro spoons are so cool. They are made for enjoying milkshakes with but you can certainly use them for many different things. You can use them for stirring drinks in tall glasses or pitchers. I like to eat my ice cream in a small bowl but some people use tall fancy glasses so these would be good for that as well. You could dip these in chocolate and decorate them for hot drinks as well. I also think these would be nice to prop into a house warming gift basket. They are easy to hold and very stylish. I love them. #CBLongHandleIceCreamSpoons

  • ✓LONG HANDLE STAINLESS STEEL ICE CREAM SPOONS-Each cut from a solid sheet of steel, these bistro style long handle ice cream spoons are both beautiful and functional long handle ice cream spoons
  • ✓SET OF 8 BISTRO STYLE LONG HANDLE SPOONS-The perfect addition to any ice cream lovers kitchen, these long handle ice cream spoons are perfect long handle ice cream spoons for deep milkshake cups
  • ✓COMPLETE SET OF ICE CREAM SPOONS-8 spoons so you wont run out next time everyone just drops in on ice cream night
  • ✓LONG HANDLE ICE CREAM SPOONS PERFECT SUNDAE AND MILKSHAKE SPOONS-Dig down and get the very last bite out of even the deepest sundea and milkshake cups, while keeping you fingers outta your ice cream
  • ✓ICE CREAM SPOONS-High polish stainless steel ice cream spoons set, great quality and value

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