Thursday, August 20, 2015

U.S. Art Supply 7 Piece Artist Brush Set - The best bang for your buck

These brushes are really nice for typical painting use. The hairs on them weren't falling out everywhere which was nice. The worst thing ever is to be painting and getting loose hairs stuck in the medium you're using. Obviously these aren't top of the line brushes but you will pay top dollars for just one brush that's super high quality. I think these are great just for everyday regular use for people who just want to express themselves simply. You have all different sizes of width and shapes. The brushes are comfortable and easy to hold. You'll have a nice amount of control which is always a good thing when it comes to painting. It's been a pleasure working with these brushes. #usartsupply

  • High Quality Nylon Brushes
  • Set of 7 Short Handle Artist Brushes
  • 1-each Wash 3/4", 1-each Flat Shader #2, 1-each Flat Shader #6, 1-each Round #2
  • 1-each Round #4, 1-each Liner #2/0, 1-each Flat Angular Shader #1/4"

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