Wednesday, August 26, 2015

AW Fashion's DragonBall Z Goku's Gym T-Shirt - Awesome for DBZ or Anime fans in general

Both my boyfriend and I are 29 years old and grew up with DragonBall Z in our lives. This shirt is totally awesome and we both can laugh about it. I got him the size Large and it fit him very nicely. (He's 5'7" and 195 lbs)  He loves how comfortable it is. The stitching is on point and the image in the middle is where it should be. It's very clever and we both love it. The shirt has been through one wash so far and it seems to have retained its shape and fit. I can see this shirt lasting him a long while. #GokusGym

This shirt comes in White, Blue or Red.

You can buy your own Goku's Gym Shirt here on Amazon:

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