Monday, August 3, 2015

Classique Maison Moscow Mule Copper Mug - Premium 100% Solid Copper Cup - 16 oz

I'm really impressed with this beautiful copper mug. I actually have quite a few copper mugs right now and I will be comparing this one to them. Aesthetically, I think this one looks the best. The shape of this mug is almost like a barrel which gives it a more genuine olden look. I also noticed on the bottom of the mug the company's name is etched in which was a cool touch. I'm also digging the stylish handle on the side which makes it easy to hold.

Copper mugs in general are great to keep your drink chilly and refreshing for a long time. You can put them in the freezer to already have them nice and frosty for a drink. Some people say that tastes get enhanced while served in a copper mug but I really don't notice a difference. I just think the presentation of a drink served in this mug is top notch. These mugs are really great for parties because they just look amazing. Not only for alcoholic drinks but try some refreshing lemonade in these mugs like I do and I'm sure you'll love it.

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