Sunday, August 16, 2015

Valdler Black One Piece Cutout Design Sexy Swimsuit

This swimsuit has a really pretty design. I got this swimsuit in a size Large and I am 5'3", 134 lbs with a 34B chest. Everything filled out pretty well but the top part was just a tiny bit loose on me. I don't have full breasts so I often need to have something with a push up feature to round everything out. I do wish this bathing suit had a push up feature but it does have the cups inside. The cups are removable so I think personally I would like it better without the cups. I think the large is made for bigger females all around and I seem to be pear shaped. It still looks great on me and the cutouts on the side are quite flattering. The swimsuit was comfortable for me to wear and covers my bottom nicely which is appreciated. The way the tie works up top is that it's a single strap. You have to clip it from one side around your neck to the other. It kind of works like bra straps in a sense. All in all, I think the swimsuit is very stylish and shape flattering.

You can buy your own one piece cutout swimsuit here on Amazon:

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