Friday, August 28, 2015

Jumbo Jawbreaker Pops on a Stick - Light Blue - 12

I've always loved Jawbreakers and haven't had one in years. It was truly a delight. My boyfriend saw them and commented how well wrapped they are. If you're not the type to want to sit down and eat this for hours then you could alternatively break it with a small hammer and enjoy the pieces slowly. There are many layers and you will notice the first one being blue of course. I would say that this plainly just tastes like confectioner's sugar mainly. There's nothing wrong with it if you like sugar ( which I do ). These are spectacular to have around for birthday parties. You can use them to decorate the tables and people can just grab them to go. My kids loved them and I did as well. I think I will be breaking them from now on though into smaller bite sized pieces. Enjoy! #candybuffet

  • 12 INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED JAWBREAKERS - Each 5.5" long lollipop comes individually wrapped around the jawbreaker portion to ensure safety and freshness.
  • JUMBO 1.75" DIAMETER JAWBREAKER - These Jawbreaker Suckers will keep you entertained for days!
  • 9 DIFFERENT LAYERS OF FRUITY FLAVOR - Each candy has 9 layers of different colors and flavors to enjoy throughout, all the way to the center.
  • GREAT FOR CANDY BUFFETS - With 11 different colors available, we have the color you are looking for to match your next candy buffet table!

You can buy your own set of Jawbreakers here on Amazon:

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