Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri, with Smooth Ceramic Non-Stick Coating (100% PTFE and PFOA Free) Review

I got the chance to check out this Green Earth Pan from Ozeri. This one is a little different than the other two I have. This one has a smooth ceramic non-stick coating. This pan is 12" and it's HUGE. Everyone needs a pan like this in their kitchen. I swear, sometimes when I cook dinner I always don't have room for the last two marinated pieces of meat but now I will for sure have space for it with this pan.

The bottom of the Green Earth Fry Pan is the same as the other ones as well. It's magnetized. I just love the vibrant green color on all of the Ozeri pans. The bottom of the pan is built to take in the heat quickly and that it does when I make food on it.

You can gauge the size of the pan on an average sized stove like mine.

I decided to try out the pan cooking something delicate like Tilapia fish in it. To the left you can see my other Ozeri pan that can easily be used to make sides like these noodles. It's perfect for making rice and noodles because they won't stick to the Ozeri pans like it does with my other pans if I am not constantly stirring and baby sitting the food.

As you can see it was very easy to brown the fish and cook nicely. My fish didn't break apart into pieces and it just came out perfect. 

It's very easy to make a quick delicious meal with Ozeri pans . It's even easier to clean up these pans since all the mess didn't stick onto it. 

The pan is quite durable. I've felt cheap pans before and you can pretty much tell by how they feel in your hand if they are going to be good or not. Weight is good. What's also good as that the Green Earth Frying Pan doesn't release any harmful chemicals while in use. I love my eco-friendly pan and can see myself using all of my Ozeri pans for a long time. #Ozeri #Cooking #Fish #Green

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