Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thermalabs Natural Organic Self Tanner Review

I got to try out this amazing self tanning lotion by Thermalabs. This is my first time using a self tanner lotion and I am very pleased with the results it gave me.  First of all the pump bottle is very convenient and easy to use. You don't need a whole lot either even when applying to your whole body. I can see myself getting so many uses out of this bottle. The smell of the lotion is very nice. It's suggested to dilute the lotion with moisturizer for certain body parts like your elbows and knees which seem to absorb the lotion a lot more and may make it darker. I have that type of rough skin around my foot area which you may notice and so it did get a little darker but it doesn't bother me. You have to be very careful if you are applying with bare hands because it will get in between your fingers and now I do have darker sections there but there is a good trick to remove it if need be. Just take some household glass cleaner and let it sit on the affected area of skin for a minute then wipe away. This works best with the foaming spray kind of cleaner. I wiped my hands quickly with a makeup wipe after I was done applying and it didn't seem to darken my under hands very much which was a plus. I think this is great to use and I will be reapplying more layers for a darker tan slowly. The best thing I can recommend is going slow and testing the product on your feet right now to see how much you need for your whole body. Don't forget to get the inside areas of your toes which can easily be missed. I'm in love with this awesome product!

So here's the results of the lotion on my right leg and I left my left leg untouched for comparison. I think it did a really great job! I decided to put the lotion all over my body but I'm not ready to do my face anytime soon. I hope you decide to try this product because the company is awesome and really take care of you plus the product is just excellent. What's really cool is this product is streak-free and waterproof plus your tan will last 2 weeks. #thermalabs

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