Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sacko Insulated Lunch Bag Review

Wow, I couldn't believe how large this thing was! This is the biggest lunch sack I have ever laid my eyes upon. I love it! This is perfect for when I go out to the state parks, theme parks and road trips in general with my family. I'm able to fit so much in here. I really love how attractive looking it is and the material is very durable. The straps on the side of the sack are also quite helpful for more storage purposes. I'm looking forward to Spring/Summer time trips even to the local park events so I can have everything I need on hand. #LunchBag

This bag is also most comfortable to tote around. It comes in a couple of other colors like dark blue and black and black on black.

You can buy your own insulated lunch bag here on Amazon :

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