Monday, January 12, 2015

Petunia Skincare - Professional 12 Set Makeup Brush Kit Review

I got to try out this 12 set makeup brush kit by Petunia Skincare. Right off the bat I checked out the quality of the carrying case the brushes come in. The design is so sexy and polished looking. I really don't travel with my brushes unless I am going on a trip somewhere but if I did this would be perfect. The button under it to hold it closed are magnetic and there is also a guard inside to keep the brushes protected.

Just in case you aren't familiar with what each brush does this handy guide lets you know. I think the guide is a little mixed up though because the eyebrow brush is the one with the angle and the concealer brush is the black and white one above it. Also to the right the foundation brush is the big black and white one while the blush brush is the black bushy angled one above it. Just make sure you look things over carefully before using.

The brushes all come protected so the hairs on them can be the best they can when arriving to you. I like the extra measures of quality assurance. Isn't the metallic pink color along with black wooden handles just so pretty? I love the color combinations. The hairs on the brushes are all a mix of high quality pony hair, goat hair, and synthetic hair. They are all super soft to the touch. Petunia Skincare is a member of PETA so you can be assured there is no testing on animals for these brushes nor are they harmed.

I decided to keep my brushes in this pretty toothbrush holder I am currently not using in my bathroom. I do need to get the clear little balls from the craft store to hold them a little better but they look great in there anyhow. I've been using these brushes for a little over a week and a half already and I think they are wonderful. They are really easy to clean. I personally have a cleaning solution for my brushes but you can just use some water and dawn dish soap. Make sure to let them air dry and treat them gently. I recommend these professional brushes to anyone looking to learn makeup or even for the makeup pros. Either way its a great set to have for your makeup needs. #makeupbrushes

You can buy your own set of Petunia Skincare professional 12 set makeup brush kit on Amazon here:

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