Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Power Tek Flash Premium LED Headlamp Review

This headlamp has definitely been useful for when I have to go into my dark creepy basement or attic that has no light. I can keep my hands free and have light where I need to look at. The light is quite bright and the different brightness settings are great. This may also be good for someone who is on the road a lot and need to stop to look under the car hood when it isn't light outside. It's very light and easy to carry but I do wish it took one less battery to power. I'm sure the batteries will last long on it though so the tradeoff is worth it. #PowerTek

Ultimate Multi-Purpose Headlamp Perfect for:
- Camping, hiking, or caving
- Running, walking, or biking
- Plumbing, electrical, or other household work
- Boating, canoeing, or kayaking
- Walking your dog where "hands-free to scoop" is important 

You can buy your own Headlamp on Amazon here:

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