Monday, April 11, 2016

What I got from Amazon April 2016 - Fashion Items

So I'll be talking about the new stuff I got from Amazon this month. A bunch of more Fashion items as usual which I love. I saw this cute top from Simlu and it came in so many different styles/colors. I definitely knew I wanted to try it out even though it's a plus sized top. I got it in the smallest size they carry which is a 1X.  Their tops go all the way up to 3X. For sizing reference, I am 5'3" and 139 lbs. I'm pretty much built like a giant pear. The top was a just a tad loose but so comfortable. I love the vivid colors on it and the buttons are cute. They also give you an extra button just in case you lose one and need to sew a new one back on. I'm really happy with it and can see myself wearing this one often with leggings. It's perfect Spring Fashion!

You can Buy this top here on Amazon for $20.99 :


I honestly forgot where this bangle came from. I know it's from Amazon but I am not sure who sells it. I did find one that's very similar to it though. I am not sure exactly how it's supposed to be worn but I have super skinny wrists and chunky arms. I would probably use this with more jewelry to accent it. It's very pliable and you can adjust the sizing on it. Looks great especially for the Summer time.

You can Buy this bracelet on Amazon here for $5.99 :


Here's a pair of plus sized ponte pants from BodiSure on Amazon. They are a size 14/16. This is obviously not my pant size but I wanted to try it on before I give it to my mother so I can show off. I'm 5'3" so you can see how the length sits on me. The second picture I am pulling the excess material behind me so you can see how it would generally look and fit if it were my size. You can also see me pulling on the side so you can see how much material is leftover from my waist line. I am 139 lbs for reference. These pants are quite comfortable and very stretchy. They can look great with anything. I see it more for a nice business look though. It's something you can wear to work effectively.

You can buy these pants here on Amazon for $39.99 :


Any problems with chunky thighs? It's a problem I have since I am a bit bottom heavy. So for problems like that there are products like this. This is FeelinGirl's smooth lace shapewear. This is actually a good solution for thigh chafing problems. You know when you want to wear that cute dress or cute skirt but then hear your thighs hitting each other as you walk. It's a problem and it can be super uncomfortable. So yeah, these work well and I have them in the size Large. I probably should have gotten them in the X-Large since they are a bit snug on me. For sizing reference I am 5'3" and 139 lbs. I think every woman should have a pair of these to wear under dresses/skirts.

You can buy this here on Amazon for $18.99 :


Summer is approaching! I got these adorable black bikini bottom from Relleciga on Amazon. This is their size Large which fit me very nicely. I didn't need to unravel the sides either to fit it but if you need more space you can adjust it. The back part of it is scalloped which will give your backside a nicer illusion. These don't come with a top but you can buy a separate top anywhere else online or in stores to match it. This is perfect for people who need two different sizes on top and bottom anyway. I find I need a bigger bottom with a smaller top. Anyway, I love the style on this and might be brave enough to wear it to the beach this Summer :D

You can buy this bikini bottom here on Amazon for $13.99 :


Thanks for stopping by and hoped you enjoyed my Amazon Fashion haul.

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