Friday, April 1, 2016

How to Watch Netflix without a Smart TV

Alright, so I actually have a Smart TV and it's wonderful. I do have one TV in my bedroom which is not a Smart TV. For these kinds of TV's you will need an extra set of equipment. This would be called a streaming media player or you can do it through a blu-ray player. I honestly prefer doing it through a Blu-ray player because I am not fond of Android software but it still works either way.

I was testing out this small box from a company called Power Lead on Amazon sold by Kingdom LLC.  It's way smaller than my old Blu-Ray player so that would be one benefit from using something like this. Everything plugs in pretty easily and you get everything you would need to do so.

So you basically have two plugs you need to worry about for the basic things. Just for the sole purpose of streaming Netflix all you need is the power plug which is the wire next to the red button and the HDMI plug that goes in the middle.

Here's where it might get a little tricky for some people. You need to go configure that internet settings first. Then after that you have to go into Netflix settings and sign in. As you can see there are many other apps on here already that you can play with. You just need to configure each one with your login details. You also may need to attach other things to the appropriate spots like a headset for it for Skype.

The picture quality is really awesome but the sound was a little off on my TV.  There are fixes out there for the problem which is a big problem indeed. Basically, I haven't had any huge problems with my Blu-Ray player streaming Netflix but it does mess up sometimes. It's an old piece of technology and doesn't show everything. I'll just see what's on my list and that's that. With a streaming box you can scroll through it all easily.

You can buy this streaming box for $149.99 on Amazon here:


Here's another product I got to try out from PowerLead. It's a cool looking headset that lights up once plugged in. I've tried quite a few of these type of headsets which seem to come from the same manufacturer. I have never had a problem with them. In fact, they hold some of the best bass I have heard. It's also very comfortable when worn for long periods of time. It's a little on the mid price range I would say but still a very good product.

You can buy your own set here on Amazon for $32.99 :

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