Friday, April 15, 2016

GeoCentral's Hatch'ems - A Fun Learning Experience

These were so much fun to play and experiment with! They are called Hatch'Ems and they remind me of expandable water toys I used to play with when I was younger. They are made from super absorbent polymer. These growing pets are cool because they are in actual eggs. They look super realistic besides the two holes in the bottom for the water to enter. When the creature expands it starts to crack the eggs open.

I currently have the egg sitting in water in a Tupperware bowl. It should hatch within 48 hours. I will post how it looks after that point.

Alright, so I gave the egg a few days actually and here it is without touching it.

Most of it has hatched and I just helped the creature out of the egg.

I'm leaving him in the water for a longer period of time just to see how big it can get. This is definitely something quite entertaining.

This set comes in a pack of four which you can buy here on Amazon:

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