Monday, April 18, 2016

Crisp white bed sheets to brighten up your bedroom for Spring & Summer time with SWENYO

There's nothing like clean white sheets to make your bedroom look bright and open. I actually got to try a nice full set from a company called SWENYO. I was sent their Queen Sheet set, white pillowcase set and Duvet cover. The way they send out their products is really interesting. Their boxes can be used as a decoration piece if wanted. They make sure to get full use out of it all. I didn't use it as decor but it's a neat idea.

Now you won't get everything together and it has to be purchased separately. I do like how everything came though. The sheets actually came in a cute drawstring bag to store it away later on. With the sheet "set" came the mattress cover and the top sheet. You have to get the pillowcase separate. The duvet cover is also the third separate thing to get. 

You can see on all the corner edges is an elastic band to keep it on the mattress perfectly. 

Everything fit just great on my Queen sized bed. I would say this is a good set for the Spring and Summer seasons. It's a bit lightweight and 200 thread count. All of the pieces are 100% cotton. I can say that I am honestly more of a micro-fiber type of girl but this works as well. It does have a different feeling from micro-fiber. It's almost rougher but not in a bad way. It's kind of refreshing. I would say something like this is perfect for a guest room.

The duvet cover is really interesting. I actually don't own anything like this. I just use large comforters and that's that. What's cool about this is it opens up and you can put your duvet in here. Once it's in you can just button it closed. I LOVE the look of their buttons on the cover. It just looks so unique and rustic. It totally matches with my log pillow.

I'd give this whole set a 4.5 out of 5. I just wish that the pillow cases were included with the bed sheet set because that's usually a given. SWENYO is an awesome company and I love their interesting style. They almost remind me of IKEA. Fantastic products!

Be sure to check out the links below to Buy the bed set pieces on Amazon

You can BUY the Queen sheet set here for $29.95 :

You can BUY the Pillowcase set here for $14.95 :

You can BUY the Duvet cover here for $32.95 :

You can check out SWENYO's full site of house wares here:

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