Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Keeping food fresh with Ozeri Instavac food Storage Set

I sometimes have leftovers after cooking dinner but feel bad about throwing it out. I typically use regular plastic containers to put them away but I end up having to throw it out soon after if no one touches it. Well, I don't blame them because sometimes it can get yucky very quickly. I also have some problem foods that don't last long after storing it in the fridge such as asparagus, strawberries and lettuce.

Let's take a look at this amazing food storage set that Ozeri provided.

There are 4 different containers in 4 different sizes. The way the containers close is they have 4 snap locks for each side. There's a dial on the top of the containers where you can mark the date of the month that it is stored. It's easy to keep track of your foods and leftovers this way.

Just so you can gauge what you can fit in a container this is part of my leftovers. I made chicken wraps and this was the chopped lettuce and corn. I was able to fit this into the smallest container. So what you do is snap the lid on and you just kind of push down with your thumbs so the air comes out creating a sort of vacuum seal. In turn, your foods stay fresher for a longer period of time.

I was able to fit the leftover shredded chicken into the next size up container. There was much room to spare. These containers have a hefty amount of space to them which is awesome. As I am writing this, my daughter decided to heat up some of the leftovers to eat for an after school meal. So there must be a better visual appeal already to it.

Here are the two larger containers. I have my strawberries in the one alone which has space for other fruits if I wanted. I have my lettuce and asparagus in the largest container.

I'm very happy with this storage set and will continue to use it for all my food storage needs.

You can BUY your own food storage set here on Amazon:

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