Monday, April 18, 2016

Affordable Vintage Dress for a fraction of the price it usually is

I ADORE vintage styled clothing and would wear it every single day if I could. There's only one big problem with that and it's the fact that it is usually expensive. Why does vintage styled clothing have to be expensive? I know it might take a little more effort to make sometimes but sometimes it's pretty simple and might use the same amount of fabric as regular clothing. There's a few places you can find affordable vintage styled clothing online such as Ebay or Amazon. I have found that there are a bit more trusted sources on Amazon though. As you can actually see photos of what people get and how it looks on them.

I wanted to share two vintage styled dresses I had the chance to get my hands on just in case anyone was interested.

Here's a beautiful 1950's styled lace dress from online seller Chic. U

It's in a 3/4 sleeve style. It's available in navy blue and black but I decided to go with the navy blue.

It pretty much looks the exact same as it does on the model which is a big plus. I love the sturdy materials. You just can't find quality like this in local stores for an affordable price. I do wish there was an extra button somewhere around the middle breast area since its a bit open there but that's nothing a pin can't fix later on if I wanted. (( Sorry for the bad quality on the pics..hard to take a full selfie )) Here's a few other shots of the dress.

The dress fit me perfectly and I got it in a size Medium. I would say it's true to size because I usually end up wearing a size Medium in clothing nowadays. Sometimes I can be a small but I honestly can just look at something and know if it will fit me a particular way now.

You can buy this pretty lace dress here on Amazon for $22.49 (Medium price) :

Some of the sizes are even $19.99 shipped so just check it out. You honestly can't beat that for a pretty little dress that fits like a glove.


Here's another pretty rockabilly styled dress that I got to try. I will admit that the price of this one is double the first one but this one is a bit more formal I suppose. It's really pretty and has a nice flare to it. This dress is from a Seller on Amazon called Ouges.

sorry for the lack of quality to the pictures. Black always gives me trouble and I end up having to darken it a little on a photo editor. Anyway, the dress fit me nicely. The material quality is nice and I would probably end up wearing something like this to something formal like a wedding. I also like their navy version of it. It's simple but has a tinge of unique styling to it. I also got this in a size Medium which fit me nicely. There was just a tiny bit of slack on the top part. My body is kind of weird though.

You can get this beautiful dress on Amazon for $45.99 :

There's so many pretty dresses on Amazon to discover. Don't be afraid to shop online, ladies! :)

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