Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Looking for a good pair of scissors? Look no further with Evergreen Supply

Wow, I am just so impressed be these heavy duty scissors. I have been using them for so many different things. I actually had to cut some really thick pink insulation for a project and used these scissors. They cut right through with no problems. I have used them for small sewing projects and they went right through the fabric. The cuts are so seamless and smooth. They are also very comfortable to hold. I can't believe how fresh and sharp they are. There's nothing like using a new pair of scissors but when they keep working like the first day you got them then you know it's something so amazing. I'm so happy with them.

  • ✔ HEAVY Duty Industrial Grade Materials - High Carbon Stainless Steel - Stronger and harder than the standard stainless steel used in other shears
  • ✔ SUPERIOR Blade Edge Retention - Premium build shears stay razor sharp longer than the competition's scissors
  • ✔ ERGONOMIC Comfort - Black rubberized handle grips your hand for no stress cutting, and for all day comfort
  • ✔ EFFORTLESS Cutting Power - Top of the line materials and craftsmanship ensure a smooth cut everytime, even through multiple layers, for years to come
  • ✔ PERFECT Size - 9 inch Shears - Comfortably fits in your office drawer, yet strong enough to cut through the heaviest materials, fabrics & leather

You can buy your own pair here on Amazon:

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  1. its so hard to find a good pair of scissors anymore, these look like those old school ones we had when we were in elementary, and those suckers lasted years lol