Sunday, October 18, 2015

30 Pokemon Trading Card Pack SPOOKYMON HALLOWEEN Grab Bag

You really just won't be disappointed with what you get in your pokemon card pack. First of all, the protective sleeves have just been wonderful to use with my cards. I just wish I could have a ton more for them all. Anyway, so the 30 cards came as advertised along with 10 energy cards plus their 3 token cards. All the cards were in excellent condition. I was very happy to see an EX card in here which was Chandelure. There was also a reverse holo Houndoom, Shuppet, Litwick (x2), Golett and Golurk. There was a holo Gourgeist(x2)  and Chandelure (x2). The rest were regular cards such as Pumpkaboo (x4), Spiritomb (x2), Shuppet, Golett, Drifblim, Litwick (x2), Muk, Sableye (x3), Banette, Yamask, Dusclops and Phantump. I will note that there was quite a few repeats but my son is always trading cards with friends so that's a plus for him. It's a fantastic set of cards and the rares certainly made it worth it enough. #GoldenGroundhogPokemonLots

  • 30 Assorted Spooky Ghost, Psychic & Dark type Pokemon Cards!
  • 1 Random Ultra Rare along with rares and foils in every pack!
  • Bonus 1 Pack of Protective Orange Sleeves!
  • Spooo-kemon HALLOWEEN Trick or Treat Pokemon Grab Bag - The Perfect Collection for any Pokemon Fan!

You can buy your own Halloween Pokemon TCG Grab Bag here on Amazon:


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  1. more Pokemon cards eh?? i think someone is building a deck for some tournaments haha