Friday, October 23, 2015

Azio PRISM USB Keyboard with 7 Colorful Backlights

For a simple keyboard, the Azio Prism is fantastic. One thing that I love about this keyboard is the clear fact that it's wired. I personally prefer wired over wireless due to the reaction times of the keystrokes and the reliability while gaming. You have 8 color modes that you can use which are prism rainbow, vivid magenta, icy blue, cobalt blue, candy pink, crimson red, blossom orange and emerald green. If you want to change your color you just press the light bulb looking key above the Home key. I think my favorite color of them all and the one I prefer to use is cobalt blue. It also matches up with my mouse keys which is awesome. There is a small difference in the way the lighting looks in the day time opposed to night time darkness. You will get a bolder and more pronounced lighting effect at night which is what you want anyway. One thing straight away I can feel is the smooth typing. The keys almost feel like they are laying atop a soft mattress. It's really quiet to use. All the keys work perfectly and I feel like this keyboard is very comfortable for me to use. Aesthetics within simplicity makes this keyboard pretty awesome in my book.

  • Toggle between 7 backlight colors or mixed color mode
  • Vivid Magenta, Icy Blue, Cobalt Blue, Candy Pink, Crimson Red, Blossom Orange, Emerald
  • Simple USB Plug & Play connection
  • 20 Million key-press lifecycle

You can buy your own Azio Prism keyboard here on Amazon:

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