Saturday, October 10, 2015

1 Pound of Heroclix Miniatures - At Least 60 Random Heroclix Miniatures! By Golden Groundhog

These figurines are so awesome! Most of these are from the Marvel and DC Universe. You will need the actual game board and pieces to play but this is a great way to gather heroes you may not have or need. They are quite varied in can be grouped to specific backgrounds such as Avengers or X-men. There are many tutorials online to learn how to play the game if you don't know. It's kind of like a fantasy tabletop game but with comic book characters instead.

I did get two repeats which was Rictor, Starboy and Piledriver ( 2 different poses) . Nikki came with two missing arms and Eddie Brock came without a head. Makes for interesting play I suppose lol. Everybody else was in great playing condition. I think I was most excited for getting Batman in my pack which is probably my favorite comic book character.

List of characters I got in my bag

Chameleon Girl, Diamondback, Lyra, Heatwave, Ladytron, Starboy, Piledriver (x2), Purifier, Godiva, Humanoid, Vulture, Black Canary, Anaconda, Wonderman, Batman, Starboy (x2), Antman, Sensor Girl, Shocker, Spiderwoman, Hammerhead, Super-skrull, Cannonball, Jolt, Iron Fist, Polar Boy, Thunderstrike, Hope Taya, Scientist Supreme, El Guacho, Luke Cage, Shatterstar, Lava man, Rictor (x2), Psylocke, Regal Skymage, Shocker, Korvus, Witchblade, Caliban, Kid Omega, Sun Boy, Lex Luthor, Pete Wisdom, Northstar, Hollywood, Trickster, Human Bomb, Max Fury, Animus, Max Mercury, Knockout, Deathbird, Jinku,  Crossbones and Layla Miller

Totally a great price to get a bunch of randoms since they can cost $1.50+ for just one. I will be holding onto mine just for display purposes since they are so neat to look at and admire. #GoldenGroundhogHeroclixLots

You can buy your own bag here on Amazon:

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  1. are you READY to rumble! lol dc vs marvel has been a big debate for a long time. its cool to see iron fist next to batman beyond lol and yeah i would keep just for decoration.