Monday, December 15, 2014

Rash Guard Women Long Sleeve - Compression Shirt Review - Perfect for Workouts, Crossfit, Swimming, Surfing, Biking and Even Running.

I was so happy to try out this compression shirt from Goddess Rash Guard. This is actually my first time trying on one of these types of shirts and I have to say I am very thrilled with it. The stitching was perfect and the fit was great! The only thing I have to recommend is if you are a curvier female then you might want to consider going up a size especially if you think you are a small. The size I am wearing here is a small but I do wish I would have went up to a medium.

The shirt makes working out easier for sure. I'm not exactly super fit so yeah my fluff hurts when its not compressed. I'm what they call, " Skinny Fat". It's a thing ..go look it up lol. This helps when trying to tone up for people like me. Anyway, for me this shirt works perfectly with a pair of high waist activewear shorts like the one I am wearing in this picture. The shirt did go up a little bit but that's because as I said the curvier figures pull it up.

There are more colors which is nice. They have this color which is black, light blue, turquoise and white. They also come in many different sizes like extra small, Small , medium , large and extra large. So you have a nice array of colors and sizes to choose from. The customer service is top notch and just a great company in general.

Goddess Rash Guards Are The Ultimate Base Layer, Athletic, Compression Shirt. Perfect for Workouts, Crossfit, Swimming, Surfing, Biking and even Running. Rash guards are quick drying and feature a UPF 50+ rating to block out the sun's harmful rays and keep your skin looking beautiful and young.

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