Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My experience with Gourmet Souffle Review

So I got to try out Gourmet Souffle for a little get together with family. It's basically a small kit of souffle mix and paper ramekins so you can make at home. I can already tell you that it tasted really good and reminded me of chocolate mousse. I should have left it in my oven a little longer but I took it out probably 5 minutes too early. Just also you have to make sure not to put too much butter and just lightly brush the sides with it. A souffle is supposed to pop up high over the ramekins. Anyway, here's how I made mine.

So all you have to do is mix this dry mix with the proper amount of cold water in a bowl with a high speed mixer. You mix it slowly at first and then you mix on high for 4 minutes.

Do you see this? I put way too much butter in my ramekins. Don't make this mistake. All you need is a light brushing of butter. After you put the butter you need to sprinkle sugar all around the insides to coat lightly.

After I spooned the mix in the ramekins I sprinkled some sugar over the top of it. I got a little crazy with that lower one to the left lol.

So this is what happens when you don't let it bake all the way through. It's supposed to rise over the top of the ramekin but I kinda messed up. I think it took a little longer because the amount of butter I put in there. I will say that it was a great way to make awesome chocolate mousse though. I poked the little hole at the top and poured chocolate syrup in and over it. Trust me...mine looked terrible but was well received.

Totally looks like chocolate mousse cake. My failure ....but it was very good so it doesn't matter to me. Less butter ..more time and good to go on my next batch. I think this is great for people to try out at home for gatherings. It's easy to make once you get the hang of it. #Tryazon #GourmetSouffle

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  1. Hi Nesca,
    Thanks for trying the product! We are analyzing the data (hosts and guest comments) from the different parties. In looking at your pictures, I can tell that the finished batter was not nearly mixed enough. Were you using a handheld, electric mixer? The batter when mixed should be a milk chocolate color and will almost double in volume. Your information is INCREDIBLY valuable as it tells me that our instructions are not clear enough on our packaging. The RPMs (motor speed) differs greatly between a counter top mixer and a hand held
    and I think that probably accounts for the issue. The batter should have completely filled the cups. The reason they didn't rise is that when not whipped enough, the egg whites don't whip up enough which affects both rising and the "amount" of finished batter, both of which will drastically affect the finished product. I would like to, if you are willing, send you another box, talk to you personally about the mixing, and have you blog about it. Let me know if this is something you would be willing to do. My email is Looking forward to talking to you!
    James Clary
    Creator and Partner
    Gourmet Soufflé