Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thera Pearl Contour Pack with Strap

 As everyone already knows I am a hardcore gamer. I am on the computer for long stretches of time. I mean, I have been gaming on my computer for close to 15 years! Yes, serious carpal tunnel. It's terrible the pain and numbness I will get in my mouse using wrist (right).

Anyway, I find it funny how all these pain products market to sports players and older people but where's the gamers' love?! We get lots of pain too and need a way to manage it because let's face it.. we aren't quitting our video games or texting anytime soon. We need to be close to our technology and embrace it..not be scared away by some pain. I do have to take breaks many times in the day because the pain gives me the shivers.

So, I see this product on which is a website I use to find new products to review on my blog and Oh my god, TheraPearl you have just threw the motherload of products up to pick and choose. I was very excited to get picked to try this even though it wasn't the one I was really hoping for. I thought whatever it will serve its purpose and I can try it out.

 Thera Pearl has a whole slew of products to offer for every part of your body. I got picked to try out this contour one which is made for your elbow, joints and ankle pain. I cheated and used it for my wrist. Oh, and it has a strap on it so it can be attached to you.

I don't think it's meant for the wrists so I would not be strapping it on. I doubt anything can fit over my super skinny wrists anyway.

 Okay so here it goes going in my freezer, woohoo!

Oh, by the way, you can put this in your microwave for a short time to apply heat to it. My microwave is really strong so I am afraid to do that. I don't want it to explode because I am fine with using it for just its cooling properties.

So I was watching a movie while I decided to use it for a little while. It was really cold and the pearls inside were moving around still so that was cool. I actually bent it around my wrist and held it. My insulation properties are very low so I had to keep taking it off to wait and then put it back on the spot.

As you can see this thing dwarfs my wrist, lol. I just rested it on my leg. I would say that the extreme cold on it lasted for a good 10 minutes for me. After that it was just cool for the other 10 minutes. I could bear it better when it was just cool but I kind of liked the super cold feeling even though my body was like NOOOO take it off ..catching Hypothermia here! Alright I am exaggerating maybe a little bit but all in all this was fun to use!

I will be keeping this in my freezer and using it on my wrist whenever the pain hits me ( which is often). People don't keep frozen peas in their freezer all the time and I think this is so much better anyway. Frozen peas will just stay in a big lump for a while, Therapearl actually is malleable.

I would definitely recommend them to anyone i know who is suffering from some pain in their joints.

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