Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Epica Deluxe Pet Car Seat Cover

I got to try out this Deluxe Pet Car Seat cover by Epica. Well, I didn't try it out but I got it for my boyfriend's mother's car because she has a big dog she travels around with often. She will usually just throw some blankets in the back seat for the dog but it didn't really help with keeping the dog hair off the seats. As soon as you pull it out of the box you can feel how wonderful it feels. It's made of heavy duty micro suede protected with stain-block. Let it catch all of that doggy drool because you can just throw it in the washing machine later on. This car seat cover literally took a minute to put in. How nice is that? For all you people on the go!

Here's the culprit of all the dog hair action the back seat gets.

This is the type of car she has. The seat cover fits any backseat as long as it has headrests and its an all in one that's connected.

As you can see it has velcro tabs that you just snap on. The seat belt goes right through so if you even wanted some messy kids to sit in the back and have a car seat cover for them then it works the same way.No more greasy little fingers touching the seats or food spillage on your seats.

You can see the open slit for the seat belt to attach into the clicker.

As you can see the straps go right around the headrests to hold it up properly.

The bottom part holds it snugly in place. Look at that micro-suede action going on. Believe me when I tell you this seat cover feels amazing.

Side view from under the seat cover to show you how it attaches on to your seat.

Here's Miss Sophie in the car using the car seat cover already. I know she doesn't look very happy but she is!

She seems happy and comfortable with her new car seat cover and so is her momma.

You can buy one here on Amazon for just $29.95:

It looks great style wise and it feels wonderful for your dog or even for kiddies!

Thank you to Epica for letting me review this car seat cover...another amazing product.

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