Friday, July 5, 2013

Organza Storage Bags by Brybelly

I got the opportunity to review some Black Organza Bags from BryBelly. These bags have many uses but I was going to use them for a party I was having to put favors in them for my guests to take home with them. I had to postpone my Sun Drop party but I won't get into that here.

These bags are really cute in black but they do come in 6 other colors such as red, silver, light blue, purple, pink and yellow. I think the black ones are more versatile to do things with at home. If you were to use the black ones for any parties I would probably use them at bachelorette parties or even weddings. You can decorate them with glitter glue and make them prettier.

Hate digging in your purse for your lipstick or lip balm? You can put a few pieces of your favorite makeup in one of the bags and throw them in your purse for easy access later on when you need to reapply. It's hard to see but I have my tweezers in there too. I'm a minimalist and use small purses and even then I have trouble finding things so imagine if you are one of those ladies who likes to tote around those huge bags...this would be perfect for you.

Do you have a jewelry tree? I do. It does have a base to hold my rings but I have so many things on the top of my dresser personally so I can't get easy access to it because it is blocked by my hair straightener, perfumes, makeup and other things like deodorant. You can use these bags to put your rings in like I did and hang them off the higher parts so its easy to take the bag and open it up later on to get your rings. You can also put little things like rings in the bags and put them up on shelves. It just makes it look prettier than using ziploc bags.

These bags are really strong so you don't have to worry about them being cheaply made. I even tested this out as you can see. I put one of my boyfriend's heavy tools in there and held it up by the ribbon and it didn't break.

Go check out the company that makes these wonderful little sturdy organza bags,

They have so many other wonderful products to offer you.

They also have a facebook page.

If you're interested to buy these same bags here is their Amazon page Buy Organza Bags Here

I think this company has the one of the cheapest cost for the amount of bags they give you but also don't be fooled into buying the really cheap bags because they can break easily or even give the appearance of a cheaply made product.

Thank you for checking out my review and thank you BryBelly for letting me try out these wonderful little bags.


  1. Really cool and interesting bag. I love reading your reviews ^_^

  2. These organza bags are really remarkable and a must buy.