Friday, July 12, 2013

Epica 10" Portable Battery Operated Fan with Adapter

This week I got the opportunity to review this wonderful small fan from Epica. It's a 10" portable fan called the 02Cool. You can have two options of power which makes this fan stand in it's own league against other small fans.

Here's the frontal view of the fan. It has thin sleek blades that makes it quiet on low setting. The high setting is a little loud but nothing worse than regular small fans do. I will go on more about the fan settings in a little bit.

Here's the back view of the fan. This is where the batteries also go inside. I will show you how it's opened and how it looks inside in a little bit. As you can see it can stand up by itself but without the heavy batteries that go inside of it any little movement such as somebody bumping into it may knock it over easily. I really think a weight should have been added somewhere in the back to keep it more balanced while on AC power.

Here's your Ac adapter that can plug into the wall so that you can run the fan on electricity rather than battery power. It comes with the fan.

This is the batteries that the fan uses. These are big ol' D batteries. The fan takes 8 of them which will provide 40 hours of use from it. Do I think it's a little ridiculous that it takes that many batteries and D ones at that?

Simply, yes. D batteries are not cheap mind you. Be prepared to dish out $13 + for a pack of 8. I would highly recommend to use the adapter whenever you can. This means I would not leave the batteries in with the AC adapter plugged in because I am pretty certain it will drain the battery anyway.

Here's the power button on the bottom right of the fan if you are looking at it directly. The high setting is to the left , off in the middle and low to the right. I do enjoy the sleek looking black factor but I really think they should have labeled the settings at the bottom by small depictions or letters.

The fan can lock into many different positions. You can angle it to wherever you need air. I thought that was pretty neat compared to desk fans that just sit in one position. You can also see the locks where you open up the compartment to put the batteries in. I am not a big fan ( fan...get it! :] ) of their locking system. I thought it was a little rough to work with and it took me a little time to think of how i could open it up.

I eventually settled on using a box cutter i had around but I did end up breaking the blade on it. It takes some strength to open it.

The fan provides an adequate amount of air even on low settings. I am the type of person who does not like too much of a strong gust of air in my face so the high setting is pushing it for me but for someone who likes a lot of cool air it would be great.

I think this is a perfect little desk fan and keep it on my desk for when it's not super hot to save some energy with the air conditioner.  I also do some gardening in my yard and this is good to take with me in the back so i can keep cool in the heat. If you have dogs or even kids that you travel with and need to keep them in the car for a few minutes this is good to have because you can just keep them cool while they wait for you.

I love this little fan and so does my cat , Rusty.

You can purchase this fan by clicking here on Epica's product page.

Thank you Epica for letting me try out this fan in return for an honest review.