Monday, July 22, 2013

10" Ozeri Green Earth Textured Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan

I cook often at home so when I saw this pan for review I jumped on it to try it. I have some metal pans that just burn at the bottom if I dont keep adding some type of liquid to keep it from sticking. Quite honestly, the only reason I was interested in this pan was for its nonstick properties it boasted. Not only that , the pan is a cute green color which looks different from my other pans.

 I pan cook chicken and porkchops a lot so I wanted something that would do that without leaving me a big mess to clean afterward. Another thing I notice about my pans is they get heated really quickly which may be the other reason it burns quickly.

The Green Earth pan has something on it called Greblon Ck2. It's a glossy, scratch resistant ceramic coating. It's really interesting looking. It has sort of a honey comb design to it.

Here's the bottom of the pan.  Oh it's so shiny and new.  Alright , now let's just get in to what i thought about it and what i cooked with it.

I decided to make chicken fajitas. So I needed to cook onions and chicken in a sauce. The one thing I noticed is it took longer than my other pants to heat up. So I think you are trading in cook time for its nonstick properties.

My onions cooked but I didn't get any browning action going on. I was kind of disappointed because I love the browning action for veggies and meat. I did add butter on the pan beforehand as well.

My chicken did not brown either and it only looks colored because of the fajita sauce I added to it after the meat was cooked.

If you want to transfer food over from another pan to simmer without sticking or burning then this is the pan for you. It was really good with keeping the sauce and meat together without sticking.

Would I use this to pan sear meats? No, I would not. When you sear and brown your meats you are putting a nice crust and flavor into it.

I really think this pan might be more suited to scrambled eggs or omelets. If you're worried about the  persistent pollutant of the environment through pan fumes then i guess this is also more suited to your cooking needs because it doesn't emit those fumes.
I just have such mixed feelings about this pan. I'm going to use it for breakfast foods , grilled cheese and to heat up sauces..maybe make fried rice and such in it. I can't put meat or veggies in here to brown so I won't.

If you're looking for that non stick pan that will be super easy to clean then i would definitely go for this pan. 

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