Monday, July 15, 2013

12 Inch Color Dry Erase Prize Wheel By Midway Monsters

I got the opportunity to review this Dry erase prize wheel by Midway Monsters.  I could see this being used in schools for fundraiser events and such but I wanted it more for a everyday home use. This was going to be used as a chore wheel. I think I will definitely use this for parties though for prizes.

This is how it came and it's pretty simple to put together. It's not flimsy at all. In fact I thought the wheel itself would be lighter but it seems to be made of solid wood. The base is heavy as well and seems to be made of wood too. I did have a small problem tightening the bolts together and my wheel is a little wobbly. I think that the wheel itself should have been made of something lighter so that it can have more power to the spin. I also think the pegs shouldn't have been made of wood.

I didn't have a dry erase marker on hand so I just used pieces of paper with tape. This wheel has reduced fighting between the kids on who has to do what because they get to decide their fate. It's fun to watch them use it because before it was a bunch of complaining on who had to do what.

You can buy this 12 inch wheel here:
You can also buy a bigger one here that is 24 inches.

I really think they should lighten up their design with cheaper alternatives though. It's a great idea but I think it's a tad expensive. I would keep the base and backbone strong and make the wheel a bit lighter so that it spins better. I would also replace the pointer peg with a a flexible piece of plastic.

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