Tuesday, March 22, 2016

World of Warcraft Trading Cards Throne of Tides from Golden GroundHog

Looking for a bunch of cards to start playing World of Warcraft TCG? Look no further with Golden GroundHog on Amazon. They have a ton of sets to pick from so you can build up your decks. I love looking through all the cards since HearthStone uses some of the art from the cards in their game. I recognize a bunch of them but I don't really play the TCG. I can still appreciate and recognize a lot of it since I play World of Warcraft as well.

So you get a random box of cards and the set I got was Throne of Tides. There's a decorative deck holder inside the box which is pretty cool. There was a bunch of archaeology fragments but those aren't viable anymore so I just tossed them after looking through. There's just so many cards in here and I love them all. I won't show each of them but as you can see the art is just so nice looking. These are great for just Warcraft fans in general.

You can get a random set of Warcraft cards here on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CIT7530

  • 800+ Assorted World Of Warcraft Cards!
  • Includes Rares & Foils!
  • World of Warcraft Deck Box in Every Bundle!
  • Comes in Epic Collection World of Warcraft Storage Box!
  • Cards Are Near Mint/Mint! Great Variety!

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