Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Best Way to Start your Pokemon card collection with Golden Groundhog!

My son has been collecting Pokemon cards with Golden Groundhog for a while now. They lay out what kind of cards you may get in each pack plus the card are pretty much in mint condition. As a frugal parent and somewhat of a Pokemon Master I do know a good deal when I see one. He has a nice stack of amazing cards thanks to Golden Groundhog.

In this wonderful pack a random pin and coin came with it. I happened to get a pin of a cute pokemon called Hoopa. I honestly have never seen this Pokemon before so it must from a generation I am a bit unfamiliar with in between. My son knew right away what it was and he told me. I kept the pin for myself though , lol. A red coin came with my pack and it's Zoroark which is Zorua's evolution.

I will list below exactly what I got in this pack

Special cards to note (When I say special I mean holo's )

Magikarp, Ludicolo, Noctowl, Bagon,

Trainer Cards

Az, Lucky Helmet, Switch, Assault Vest, Heavy Boots, Xerosic, Heavy Ball, Full Heal, Fisherman

Regular Cards

Dusclops, Piloswine, Bronzor, Magneton, Spoink, Flareon, Ferrothorn, Sandile, Teddiursa, Druddigan, Altaria, Larvesta, Kingler, electrike, Solosis, Gogoat, Flabebe, Voltorb, Aromatisse, Litleo, Quilladin, Totodile, Bagon, Rufflet, Pancham, Zorua, Dragonair, Sneasel, Croconaw, Liepard, sandslash, Inkay, Noibat, Dratini, Axew, Spewpa, Ralts

My son is quite happy with his set and I think it's a fantastic deal. You can BUY this set specifically here on the product page: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01B5BDAK4

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